Paintless dent removal is an alternative repair process that can be used to remove smooth, shallow dings and parking lot dents that range in size from a dime to basketball or for repairing dents in plastic bumpers that have no holes, tears, or paint damage.  This repair process is ideal in situations where your vehicle’s factory paint has not been cracked or damaged, as it saves the original finish, is easier on the environment, and costs a fraction (typically one third) of a traditional auto body repair that involves paint work and/or panel replacement.   

Our skilled technicians are capable of restoring your damaged panel very close to its original shape with the repairs being virtually undetectable to all but the closest of inspections. This repair procedure is not a viable option if the damage is too severe or if the dings, dents, and creases are stretched too deeply and access to the backside of the damaged panel is very limited.   

If we attempt a paintless dent removal and are unable to remove the damage to your satisfaction, we will credit the repair price toward our traditional auto body repair and painting procedure. Drop by our shop for a quote using both methods, and let us help you to determine if a paintless dent removal repair is indeed a valid option for repairing the damages to your vehicle...

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