West Coast CollisioN Services

West Coast Collision Services

We provide fast, affordable and reliable minor body damage repair service that you can trust. Whether your car has a minor split or crack repair, key gouge repair, spot repair, minor scuff repair, surface rust repair, micro paint repair or scrapes and scratches, you can trust Renu Auto Appearance to get your car looking like brand new.

We are the certified dealer for West Coast Mazda, West Coast Toyota, West Coast Kia, West Coast Nissan, West Coast Lincoln and West Coast Ford

Cars & Trucks Minor Body Damage Repairs In the Tri-cities area!

Life happens to your car. Whether someone bangs your door in the parking lot and now you have a bumper paint repair on your door, or someone rear ends you and scratches your bumper and now your bumper has scuff marks, or your beautiful vehicle. We can fix your car problems without worrying about color matching or denting your wallet.

With our state of the art equipment we don’t have to repaint your whole car we just renew your car with the exact color match using the best products for car bumper repair. This is the best and most cost effective manner of fixing your car so you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet in order to fix the dent in your car.

Get Your Minor Auto Body Repairs Done Right The First Time!

We do:
Key Gouge Repair
Spot Repair
Minor Surface Rust Repair
Micro Paint Repair
Repair Small Scrapes and Scratches
For All Your Minor Auto Body Repairs,