In under an hour..

We will have your headlights shining brightly again.

Most vehicles built after the 1990's were equipped with Acrylic instead of glass lenses. Some headlights cloud up, yellow and dim over time due to sunlight, exhaust fumes and waxes.


Unlike any other headlight service, the West Coast Headlight Restoration process chemically bonds a unique UV protectant to the lens surface providing ultimate headlight protection.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is growing

Headlights can cost you a pretty penny to replace. Here at West Coast Auto Group we can restore your headlights, remove the scratches and yellowing that occur over time.

Mobile Team.

We have a mobile team that can come to you or you can come to our service area where we can restore your headlights in under an hour. We can provide the solution to your hazy headlights.

Our Test Data shows on average an increase of 59% in headlight intensity.  See our brochure for further details.

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